I have been an artist searching for an artistic “home” since I could first draw as a child.

I’ve explored many mediums: paint, paper, ceramics, fiber, collage, mixed media assemblage and more. Looking back, this was all a pre-requisite to what I began learning when, in 2005, I attended my first mosaic class at the Institute of Mosaic Art (IMA) in Oakland, CA. I quickly became absorbed in the medium: loving the meditative quality of working with the tesserae and tools, and the way this art form keeps me focused in the present moment.

As an artist, I am mostly self taught, but I have studied extensively at IMA and have had the privilege to study with such inspiring teachers/artists as Emma Biggs, Ellen Blakeley, Tracy Broback, Sue Giannotti, Delaine Hackney, Sherri Warner-Hunter, Sonia King, Kelley Knickerbocker, Pippa Murray, Erin Pankratz-Smith, Carol Shelkin, Lillian Sizemore, Laurel Skye, Brent Sumner, Laurel True and Dana Zed.

I now continue my education by teaching others at IMA, now located in Berkeley, CA. I love watching student’s faces light up as they begin to discover the infinite creative possibilities, and relax into the easy flow of cutting and setting pieces into a new, beautiful whole.

I currently share a large studio with seven other mosaic artists. Truly, a dream comes true. It’s nice to be home!